South Side Sandblasting

take it old and make it new

You've found South Side Sandblasting (neighbors with, but not directly associated South Side Red-E-Mix).  I have been blasting for about 5 years now.  I have experience with everything from bar stools to entire cars. 

I use -30 sand from the Kaw river that has been graded and dried.  It makes a great surface to paint.  It is the finest sand available.  Coarser sand removes rust quicker, but leaves deeper pits and warps thin metal easier. 

 I charge $50 an hour.  If you check around, you'll find this quite reasonable.  I go by the hour meter on my compressor, so I don't charge unless it's running.

I offer portable blasting around the Warrensburg area for a higher fee.

 If you need blasting done, contact me -

 some videos of interest...

unloading 25 tons of sand-

blasting a tractor bucket-


Old bird bath and sign, pretty bad shape...



looks a little better
The sign took about 15 minutes and the bird bath was a little more
Notice the detail under the rust and paint.
Old chairs that cleaned up nice
60's Dodge Challenger

fiberglass on the bottom rear panel

this was a six hour job